About us

At Scrummy Yummy we love food. All food. Cakes, sweets, biscuits, pizzas, curries, oriental, sandwiches, gourmet, takeout… You name it, we love it. But not only do we love eating food, we love making food. We love food so much that we just need to shout about it and that’s what we do. We cook up the recipes that we find and that you send to us and let you guy’s know which were our favorites and which were our “try anything once, but never again” ‘s.

76 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hi,
    I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated your blog for the Sunshine Award. I love your blog and want you to be recognized for it. If you go to my blog and check out my post for it, you will see what you need to do. Either way, keep up the good work.

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  3. Hi!

    First off THANK YOU for following our blog! We wanted you to be one of the first to know that we are launching an event website called wigo events. Our site focuses on a community of users in Los Angeles sharing cool events that they know about, and we would love to have you be a part of it! If you are interested in being one of our very first users please leave us your email address at the link right below, sorry its so long, don’t know how to add a hyperlink in the comment section haha. Once our site goes live in the next few months, we’ll let you know!


    Sara, Team Wigo!

  4. Yay!! I love food too. My life’s mission is to always be eating. Which isn’t always great for my figure, but oh well! I’m excited to read more and snag some tasty recipes off this blog!
    Thanks for stopping by and following me, I appreciate it!

  5. Thank you for joining me on my journey. It is more about people and the places they live than food, though I am an extreme foodie. Hope you send someone to visit FEEDING THE 5000 in Sydney on July 22 2013. Check out the DO NOT WASTE FOOD MESSAGE and get it out to all your yummy friends! (http://www.feeding5k.org)

  6. Hello,
    Thank you for following my blog! I see some pretty creative stuff here and I quite like it. I’ll make sure to come back for more interesting ideas. 🙂

  7. Thank you for dropping by and liking my posts! Following your blog too! I love food, my cooking is not very good yet.

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by MBV blog and for the follow. I can’t say I’ll be trying horsemeat, but those crème egg brownies look awesome! I’m looking forward to more from you in future posts!

  9. Hi
    Thanks for passing by, I’ve just created a facebook page last month, so check that out and more importantly, keep an eye there where you will find more wonderful recipes,
    so don’t forget to share the page among your family and friends and get everyone excited about cooking simple, delicious, healthy meals at home

    Sharing is caring, Cheers and god bless you

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